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Call for Public Representative to the College’s Governing Council

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia is seeking an individual to serve as a public representative on the governing Council. The College regulates the practice of medicine in Nova Scotia and serves the public interest. The candidate cannot be a physician (either at present or formerly). The successful candidate will be asked to represent the public perspective regarding the regulation of the medical profession. This includes speaking to the power imbalances between physicians and their patients or members of the public. In assessing public representatives, the Nominating Committee will consider a broad [...]

Notice Regarding Attendance and Reporting at the Hearing Regarding Dr. Manivasan Moodley

The following directions have been issued by the Hearing Panel subsequent to the hearing of a motion brought by the College on February 14, 2020.  The motion was brought to address various concerns, including the upholding of the publication ban respecting the identities of the complainants.  The full reasons for these directions will be set out in a decision to be rendered by the Hearing Panel at a later date.  The  Hearing Panel directs as follows: 1.  In accordance with a publication ban granted on October 24, 2019, the names and all information that [...]

First Family Physicians Licensed from Practice Ready Assessment Program

PRESS RELEASE The first cohort of internationally trained medical graduates have successfully completed the Nova Scotia Practice Ready Assessment Program (NSPRAP). Four family physicians have received their medical licences and will begin practising soon in Glace Bay, New Glasgow, Hubbards, and Truro. “The Program has successfully undertaken the assessment of these four family doctors and wishes them well as they begin to practice in rural communities in our province,” said Dr. Fiona Bergin, the Program’s Clinical Director. “These physicians [...]

Notice of Hearing on Motion – Dr. Manivasan Moodley

The College will bring a motion to be heard by the Hearing Panel on Friday, February 14, at 2 pm at the offices of the College (400 - 175 Western Parkway, Bedford) to seek a partial exclusion order in accordance with clause 109(2)(a) of the Medical Practitioners’ Regulations. The relevant portions of the regulations read as follows:  Attendance at hearing and publication bans 109    (1)    Except as provided in subsections (2) or (3), a hearing is open to the public.

Council Elections – Districts 2 & 5

Call for Nominations The election of councillors for the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Nova Scotia in 2020 is required in the following electoral districts: District 2 – Counties of Pictou, Cumberland, and ColchesterThe election of one councillor to the Council of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia in 2020 is required in electoral District 2 – the counties of Pictou, Cumberland, and Colchester. If you are a licensed physician and [...]

College Statement: In response to recent events regarding Dr. M. Moodley

A Hearing Committee of the College will soon consider allegations of professional misconduct and incompetence against Dr. Manivasan Moodley. The allegations were advanced by two women, each of whom alleges sexual wrongdoing against them by Dr. Moodley. Dr. Moodley is a provisionally licensed physician who has not successfully challenged his Medical Council of Canada examinations. The law requires provisionally licensed physicians to have sponsorship and supervision, without which they cannot practice medicine. Dr. Moodley’s sponsor gave notice he was withdrawing sponsorship. Since that notice was provided, an alternate sponsor has come forward, acceptable to the College. As such, Dr. Moodley may remain in practice. [...]

Notice of Hearing Regarding Dr. Manivasan Moodley

Pursuant to the Medical Act, S.N.S. 2011, c. 38 the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia will conduct a hearing to consider allegations of professional misconduct and/or incompetence regarding Dr. Manivasan Moodley. The hearing will be held at the offices of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia Suite 400, 175 Western Parkway, Bedford, Nova Scotia, B4B 0V1 commencing on Monday, February 24 at 9:30 am and continuing thereafter as directed by the Hearing Committee. Notice of Hearing

Late Licence Fees and Patient Care

Given the recent news coverage, the College would like to better explain its approach to late fees. The College is solely concerned with patient safety. The College is governed by legislation, which is the law of the land. Our legislation requires that a physician’s licence be suspended if it is not renewed by year-end. A physician cannot practice medicine with a suspended licence. The legislation in each province varies, as do the approaches of each College, although all (or perhaps almost all) Colleges charge late fees. The goal of a late fee is to avoid suspending the licences of physicians who, for whatever reason, unintentionally failed to renew. When this happens, the first week of January may have surgeries [...]