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Investigation Committee

After an initial investigation, your complaint may be referred to an investigation committee.

An investigation committee is made up of physicians and members of the public

The Investigation Committee will review the complaint and the physician’s response. They may ask to meet with you if they require additional information or clarification. If so, you can bring a friend, family member, or another support person. The physician will not be present.

They may also ask to:

  • review other records;
  • interview the physician or others who may have information relevant to the investigation;
  • consult with experts; and/or
  • undertake audits or assessments.

Resolutions and outcomes

After their investigation, the Investigation Committee may take one of the following actions.


  • when appropriate, advise the physician on how to improve their practice or conduct


  • issue a warning to the physician on their conduct and record it in their file
  • order the physician to take specific training to improve their skills or practice

Dismiss Complaint:

  • due to insufficient information or evidence
  • does not fall under the College’s jurisdiction or authority
  • is frivolous or vexatious or an abuse of process

Consensual Reprimand: a disciplinary outcome that is accepted by the physician and is entered on a physician’s formal disciplinary record. This can include:

  • ongoing restrictions
  • practise monitoring

Hearing: if a physician does not consent to a reprimand the complaint is referred to a Hearing Committee.

Initial Investigation
Hearing Committee