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What you need to know to practise medicine in Nova Scotia

Physicians in Nova Scotia:
Orientation for IMGs

To ensure the highest quality of medical standards and patient safety, physicians must meet several requirements to practise medicine in Nova Scotia.

Physicians must:

  • Determine Your Eligibility – Depending on your previous training you may require Canadian certification, eligibility for Canadian certification, additional Medical Council (or equivalent) exams, or additional training to practise medicine in Nova Scotia.
  • Get Licensed – Through the Nova Scotia Medical Act, the provincial government designated the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Nova Scotia (the College) as the self-regulating body for physicians in Nova Scotia. We serve the public by regulating the province’s medical profession in accordance with the Nova Scotia Medical Act and its regulations. Read our medical regulatory requirements checklist.
  • Secure a Job OfferNova Scotia Health operates hospitals, health centres, and community-based programs across the province. They verify your education, licence details and insurance before they grant access to their facilities.

To practise medicine in Nova Scotia you must fulfill the following requirements