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Hearing Committee

After review by the Investigation Committee, your complaint may be referred to a Hearing Committee.

At this point, the College becomes the formal complainant and charges are filed against the physician.

A hearing committee is made up of physicians and members of the public

The hearing process is similar to a trial, with sworn evidence and legal submissions by a prosecutor acting for the College and a lawyer representing the physician.

The hearing committee can:

  • request that you attend the hearing and testify;
  • ask the physician to testify;
  • call others to testify including experts and/or witnesses;
  • accept submissions of evidence; and/or
  • impose a publication ban.

Resolutions and outcomes

Settlement Agreement:

  • In some cases, the matter may be resolved with a settlement agreement before the hearing process beings.

The Hearing Committee can authorize one or more of the following:

Reprimand: a finding of professional misconduct is entered on a physician’s formal disciplinary record. This can come with sanctions, including:

  • suspension
  • ongoing restrictions or conditions
  • mandatory training
  • health assessment if there are concerns that their health is affecting their ability to practise
  • fines
  • payment of some of the costs associated with the hearing


  • revoke the physician’s registration or licence and remove them from practice

A summary of the decision of the Hearing Committee is published on the College website unless there is a publication ban in place. Summaries do not disclose a patient’s identity.

Investigation Committee