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Physicians issued a Defined licence in Nova Scotia are required to have oversight from both a supervisor and a sponsor for the duration of that licence.

Sponsor Role & Responsibilities

The role of a Sponsor is to oversee supervision.

Sponsors must:

  • Arrange for a Supervisor
  • Determine the practice location of the Defined Licensee
  • Act as a liaison and mediator
  • Impose additional conditions as they see fit
  • Maintain or sponsorship
  • Oversee supervision
  • Report to the Registrar annually
  • Immediately notify the Registrar with concerns
    • Advise the Registrar if the Defined licensee stops practicing in the Zone
  • Consult with the Supervisor and Registrar if considering withdrawal of sponsorship
    • Give adequate notice for practice to wrap up

The College will notify the Sponsor if there is a College complaint regarding the supervised physician.


To be eligible to be a Sponsor, a physician must:

  • Have a Full licence.
  • Be in senior leadership with the Health Authority.
  • Practice in the same Health Zone as the physician being sponsored.