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Filing a Complaint

How to Submit a Complaint

To file a complaint, a complaint form must be completed and submitted to the College. This form includes your signed consent to release information.

Complaints may be submitted to the College in person or by mail at:

Suite 5005
7071 Bayers Road
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Canada B3L 2C2

Complaints may also be faxed to the College at 902-422-7476. Complaints cannot be submitted by email.

Complaints must contain the following information:

  • The physician’s name
  • A description of the events that led to the complaint (such as the date and location)
  • Any other information that may help the College in its investigation
  • If possible, complaints should also contain the names of people who witnessed the event or who have other useful information.

If you require further information, please contact the College’s Professional Conduct Department for assistance: 902-422-5823 or
toll-free 1-877-282-7767.

By contacting College staff, you are not automatically filing a complaint against the physician.