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International Women’s Day

The College celebrates International Women’s Day recognizing the tremendous contribution and leadership of women physicians in Nova Scotia.

International Women’s Day on March 8 celebrates the achievements of women while raising awareness about discrimination and inviting us to action to realize gender equality.

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College Responding to the Need for Improved Access to Care

Improving access to safe, competent care is critical to Nova Scotians. It is the only strategic theme on the College’s Strategic Plan. The College has a central role in addressing access to care. As the regulator of the medical profession, the College establishes the requirements for entry to practice in our province…

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Resident Doctors Appreciation Week 2024

Resident Appreciation Week

Resident Doctors Appreciation Week, starting February 5, 2024 is an opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the important role resident physicians play in our healthcare system.  The College recognizes the dedication and commitment of resident physicians working and learning alongside other healthcare professionals to deliver care to patients throughout Nova Scotia.

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College Commemorates African Heritage Month 2024

The College commemorates African Heritage Month with this year’s theme of Our Smiles, Our Joy, Our Resilience as African Nova Scotians. We honour the contributions of African Nova Scotians throughout their rich and complex history in the province dating back over 200 years.

The College recognizes that much work remains to be done to address anti-black racism within our healthcare system. We commend the leadership of physicians across Nova Scotia engaged in moving this change forward.

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The SignPost: December 2023 Issue

The SignPost newsletter provides updates and resources to participants who are engaged with the Welcome Collaborative. The Welcome Collaborative is an orientation program designed to support physicians who have trained outside of Canada, have been issued a licence, and are new to practising in Nova Scotia. In this issue of the SignPost…

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National Physician Assistant Day in Canada

Canada celebrates National Physician Assistant Day on November 27.  The annual day of recognition acknowledges and appreciates the important role physician assistants play in health care.

The College recognizes the dedication and commitment of physician assistants working alongside physicians and other health care professionals to deliver care to patients throughout Nova Scotia.

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New Policy to Directly Licence Physicians from More Countries

PRESS RELEASE The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia has approved a policy allowing physicians licensed in the UK, Australia or New Zealand to become directly licensed in Nova Scotia. It is the first College in Canada to do so. Under this policy, physicians with an equivalent to a Full licence in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia will be licensed in Canada without need for Royal College review, a Practice Ready Assessment or certification here. “The College is exploring all ways to identify and license competent physicians, with or without Canadian certifying exams. We have reviewed…

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