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Physician Obligations Regarding Their Vaccination Status

The College expects physicians to adhere to and support the recommendations of the Chief Medical Officer of Health regarding vaccinations for COVID-19. The public is assuming all physicians are fully vaccinated.

Physicians who are unable to be fully vaccinated due to a medical exemption, or who choose to not be fully vaccinated, are expected to:

  1. advise their patients of their vaccination status in advance of any in-person clinical encounters; and
  2. take all recommended precautions to reduce the risk of transmitting COVID-19, including testing, masking and PPE.

The College’s Professional Standards Committee, composed of physicians and public members, will be preparing a Professional Standard clarifying these specific expectations in the new year.

These are challenging times, with the nerves of the public and the medical profession frayed and tired. The College appreciates the ongoing leadership physicians are demonstrating as we work through the pandemic.