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What Happens After You File a Complaint

We send you a letter to acknowledge we received your complaint and explain the next steps

We notify the physician about the complaint

We request a written response from the physician to address your concerns.

We start an initial investigation

We collect the necessary information for a thorough, transparent, and fair review. We may:

  • access relevant medical records;
  • contact you with follow-up questions; and/or
  • gather more information as required.

Measures may be undertaken to protect the public when a complaint is being investigated. The Investigation Committee may determine that it is necessary to place restrictions on a physician’s practice. In rare circumstances, an Investigation Committee may take the extraordinary measure of suspending a physician’s licence.

Resolutions and outcomes

After the initial investigation, the Registrar of the College may:

  • conclude the investigation with advice or guidance to the physician to improve their practice or conduct as necessary;
  • dismiss the complaint due to:
  • insufficient evidence to warrant further investigation
  • does not fall under the College’s jurisdiction or authority
  • is frivolous or vexatious or an abuse of process
  • allow the withdrawal of the complaint if you are satisfied with the response; or
  • refer the concerns to an investigation committee.

Appealing a dismissal

Complaints that are dismissed by the College’s Registrar after the initial investigation can be appealed within 30 days. The College’s Independent Review Committee reviews these appeals.

You can ask to have your complaint withdrawn at any time. This requires the approval of the College Registrar.

Investigation Committee