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Physician Practice

Physician Peer Review

Beginning in 2021, PPR-NS will be launched for other specialties as physicians within each specialty complete the peer review training. This training is specific to each field of medical practice.

Physician Peer Review Nova Scotia was launched in 2017 with Family Medicine.

Physician Practice Improvement System

In the practice of medicine, there is a professional expectation that physicians seek out and respond to feedback. It is a component of life-long learning, fundamental to continuous quality improvement.

The Medical Act requires the College to conduct a program of physician assessment to promote continuous quality improvement within the profession.

For feedback to be embraced, it has to be meaningful. For feedback to be meaningful, it has to be focused and relevant. This is the philosophy upon which the College’s Physician Peer Review – Nova Scotia (PPR-NS) program has been built. This program includes direct assessment of:

  • practice processes;
  • standards of care; and
  • documentation in practice.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The College recognizes that continuing professional development (CPD) plays a key role in ongoing practice improvement for physicians.

The Medical Act mandates that all licensed physicians participate in a program of continuing professional development through:

Opioid Replacement Treatment (ORT)

Physicians are no longer required to obtain a Health Canada exemption for prescribing Methadone. The College has retired the Methadone Maintenance Treatment Handbook and no longer maintains a list of Methadone prescribers.

As with other change in scope, if a physician wishes to begin providing ORT, the College expects the physician to complete the appropriate training and will maintain the required knowledge, skills, and experience to provide ORT.  Please refer to the College’s Currency of Practice and Guidance for Physicians Contemplating a Change in Clinical Scope of Practice.

Injury Management Consultant Register

An Injury Management Consultant is a physician, physiotherapist or chiropractor approved by the Superintendent of Insurance in Nova Scotia to work with patients and primary healthcare providers to assess and treat sprains, strains and whiplash-related injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents.

Physicians who wish to be included on the provincial Injury Management Consultant Register must apply through the College.