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Telemedicine Resources

NSHA - Virtual Appointment Practice Guidelines & Implementation Guide In response to the global pandemic declaration by the World Health Organization, implementation of these guidelines when providing care via telephone in your clinics is necessary: Use professional judgement to determine whether patient consult via telephone is appropriate in a particular case.Ensure the physical setting in which the care is provided provides for confidentiality.Ensure patient safety by being aware of patient’s location and proximity of servicesRequest patient’s next of kin or alternate support [...]

Election to Council for District 5 – Deadline to Vote Extended until April 9

Due to the evolving circumstances around COVID-19, and to ensure adequate participation in the election, the deadline for receipt of ballots for the election to Council for District 5 has been extended to Thursday, April 9, 2020, at 8:30 a.m. Physicians in this district will be contacted by email.

COVID-19 Telemedicine Services

The College recognizes the growing role of telemedicine or virtual medicine in our pandemic response. As such, the College wishes physicians to be aware of the following: For physicians licensed in Nova Scotia, there is no requirement for College approval for this field of practice.Any physician licensed in Canada may deliver telemedicine services in Nova Scotia, unless specifically restricted from doing so by their licensing body;The regulation of the medical services you provide into Nova Scotia rests with your licensing college.All physicians delivering telemedicine services in Nova Scotia should refer to the College’[...]

Caring for Patients in a Pandemic

These are extraordinary times, giving rise to many questions from physicians about their ongoing responsibilities. We wish to acknowledge the tremendous efforts of physicians around the province.  We encourage physicians to review CMPA’S COVID-19  guidance which provides a succinct outline of the CMPA’s expectations of physicians, including: “Despite the challenging conditions of a pandemic/catastrophic event, physicians will be expected to continue to act professionally on behalf of their patients.”

College Office Closure

The College is following public health recommendations and as such our office location is closed. All essential services are being provided remotely by College staff. Essential services include:  licensing physicians, addressing complaints, and responding to imminent patient safety concerns. We are monitoring phone messages and email inquiries.  We appreciate your patience in responding to your inquiry. For updated information from the College follow us on Twitter or check the College’s news section.

COVID-19 Prescribing

Across the province, doctors are providing excellent care and meaningful leadership during these challenging and extraordinary times.  The Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Strang, is overseeing our public health response. He has asked the College to directly communicate to physicians on an important matter.  In support of our Chief Medical Officer, and pursuant to the advice of our experts in Infectious Diseases, please be advised that, effective immediately: Only physicians recognized as [...]

Message from the Registrar Regarding COVID-19

(The following was published in the Chronicle Herald March 14, 2020) These are nervous times. As we await the first case of COVID-19 in our province, fear and confusion could easily overwhelm us. There are, however, important reminders and reassurances to offset our anxiety. Unlike many other countries affected by this pandemic, Canada has a robust public health system. In Nova Scotia, we have the necessary expertise and infrastructure to respond well to this challenge.