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Injury Management Consultant Register

Physicians who wish to be included on the provincial Injury Management Consultant Register must apply through the College. Injury Management Consultants are expected to act in accordance with College standards and guidelines. There is a $125 non-refundable application fee.

What is an Injury Management Consultant?

An Injury Management Consultant is a physician, physiotherapist or chiropractor approved by the Superintendent of Insurance in Nova Scotia to work with patients and primary healthcare providers to assess and treat:

  • sprains;
  • strains; and
  • whiplash-related injuries caused by motor-vehicle accidents.

Injury Management Consultants listed in the Register can:

  • receive referrals from primary healthcare practitioners;
  • assess referred patients by reviewing health information history and a physical examination to evaluate the sprain, strain or whiplash-related injury and its effect on the patient;
  • request and review diagnostic tests to assess injury;
  • establish a diagnosis within the framework of the prescribed diagnostic and treatment protocols; and
  • provide a report to the referring practitioner and the client’s insurance company containing their findings, the diagnosis and recommendations for treatment and further evaluation.

The Injury Management Consultant role is defined in the Regulations Respecting Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols Related to Automobile Accidents.