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Internationally Trained Physicians

The Medical Act requires physicians trained outside of Canada to practise under a Defined licence and undergo supervision. Physicians must meet the requirements and conditions required to obtain a Defined licence.

Pathway to Long-Term Licensure for Physicians Trained Outside of Canada

Once a physician obtains a Defined licence, the pathway to long-term licensure will:

  • provide a comprehensive orientation program for physicians;
  • reduce the required time physicians on a Defined licence must practise under supervision; and
  • focus on demonstrated competency rather than certification.

The College’s revised approach has been informed by:

  • a review of the data from the last six years of working with Sponsors and Supervisors overseeing the licensing pathway of physicians with a Defined licence seeking Full licensure;
  • listening to physicians and stakeholders working with physicians on a Defined licence;
  • a review of licensing best practices in other Canadian jurisdictions to determine what elements would effectively apply to the Nova Scotia context; and
  • the College’s commitment to support the recruitment of physicians.

Physician Orientation


Licensing Decisions