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College Releases Review of Sexual Misconduct Investigations

The Canadian Centre for Legal Innovation in Sexual Assault Response (CCLISAR) has completed its independent review of the College’s processes regarding the investigation of sexual misconduct complaints against physicians.

“The College opened up its process to external experts for review. Our goal is to remove any barriers to reporting sexual misconduct and to reduce the unintended harms that can occur when investigating such allegations,” said Dr. Gus Grant, Registrar & CEO of the College. (READ MORE)

Full Report (PDF – 74 pages)

Gold-Headed Cane Award Recipient

The College is pleased to announce Dr. David Brake as the recipient of its 2018 Gold-Headed Cane Award. Dr. Brake is a Respirologist and Intensive Care Specialist. Recognized for working tirelessly on behalf of his patients, Dr. Brake has practised in Sydney for twenty years. The College’s Gold-Headed Cane Award recognizes an outstanding Nova Scotia physician who exemplifies professionalism in service to patients, the profession and community. Read More

Disciplinary Decisions (View All)

College Announces Decision Regarding Dr. Sarah Jones

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia hereby gives notice that as a result of a complaint and pursuant to the Nova Scotia Medical Act, the Hearing Committee of the College approved a Settlement Agreement on June 26, 2019, with reasons to follow.  Those reasons have now been issued and are available in the Committee’s written decision accessible below. The Settlement Agreement contains Dr. Jones’ admissions of professional misconduct, incompetence and incapacity. The Settlement Agreement also contains agreed upon sanctions including a 36 month suspension, strict conditions to be met before Dr. Jones may return to practice and extensive conditions and restrictions on Dr. Jones’ practice when she does return. The Settlement Agreement is included as a Schedule to the Hearing Committee’s written decision. Settlement Agreement


Licensing Statistics as of June 30, 2019

*This data represents a physician head count, not a total of full-time equivalent practising physicians. Read More

Licence Type Total
Full Licence 2,269
Full Licence Non-Resident Licence 150
Defined Licence 89
Academic Licence 70
Temporary (Locum) Licence 18
Clinical Assistant 26
Defined Licence – Fellowship 21
Full Licence – Postgraduate Training 12
Restricted Licence 21
Defined Licence – Term 1
Total 2,677


The Nova Scotia Practice Ready Assessment Program(NSPRAP) is an assessment program for international medical graduates (IMGs) who:

  • have completed residencies in family medicine outside of Canada; and
  • are unable to meet Nova Scotia licensing requirements.

Program eligibility requirements.

For more information, please contact

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About the College

The College’s 2018 Annual Report (PDF – 36 pages)

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia serves the public by regulating the province’s medical profession in accordance with the Nova Scotia Medical Act and its regulations.

All physicians in Nova Scotia must be licensed by the College in order to practise medicine in the province.

The duties of the College include:

  • Licensing qualified and competent physicians to practise medicine
  • Investigating and resolving physician-related complaints on behalf of the public
  • Monitoring and maintaining standards of practice through peer assessment
  • Developing professional standards and guidelines to support high standards of medical practice and ethical conduct

Strategic Plan: 2019 – 2020
2018 Financial Statements