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What Happens After You File a Sexual Misconduct Complaint

Our Public Support Advisor contacts you

The Public Support Advisor explains their role and answers your questions about how complaints are investigated. They are your main point of contact with the College throughout the investigation and can provide support to you as you move through the complaint process.

We notify the physician about the complaint

The physician is provided a copy of the complaint and is required to respond within a given time period.

You are given a copy of the physician’s written response

  • You are given an opportunity to respond in writing to the physician’s response.
  • The physician is given an opportunity to respond to any new information that arises.

This includes obtaining a copy of relevant medical records kept by the physician, clinic, or hospital.

If appropriate, they may also contact other people to learn more about what happened. For example, this could be nursing staff or witnesses you named in your complaint.

You may be asked to provide more information in an interview

The Investigations Committee may decide that they would like to hear from you in person about your encounter and may invite you to meet with them for an interview.

You will have the opportunity to bring a support person or the Public Support Advisor can provide support for you. Your interview will be recorded. The physician will not be present.

The physician will receive a recording of your interview. The physician may also be required to attend a separate interview with the Investigation Committee.


The Investigation Committee does not determine “what really happened” or take sides. The Investigation Committee considers all the evidence to determine if a formal disciplinary hearing is warranted and if the complaint needs to be referred to a Hearing Committee.

The Investigation Committee reviews the evidence and provides a decision. You are given a response letter with their decision. It could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months after the investigation is concluded to receive the decision letter.