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Licensing Decisions

Licensing decisions regarding long-term licensure are based on demonstrated competency instead of certification.

After six months of supervision on a Defined licence, there will be a licensing decision by the Registrar.

Successful physicians may receive a long-term Restricted licence.

If further supervision is required, the physician may remain on a Defined licence for longer, up to a maximum of 24 months.

Restricted Licence

A Restricted licence is renewable annually and does not require supervision or sponsorship – the physician continues to practice as the most responsible physician (MPR).

  • This is a long-term licence and the physician can settle in Nova Scotia without the worry that their licence will end.
  • The physician on a Restricted licence will be expected to practice within the scope and practice location where they were supervised on the Defined licence.
    • They do not have to challenge the certification exam.
    • They do not have to obtain a Full licence.
    • They can practise on a Restricted licence as long as they wish.

This provides more licensing certainty for the physician and for the community.

Requirement for Certification

Physicians eligible to challenge the certification examination are welcome to, but it is not mandatory.

Physicians trained outside of Canada who are mid-career and reluctant to challenge the certification exam are no longer required to do so. These physicians can enjoy long-term licensure in Nova Scotia without ever challenging the certification examinations.