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Strategic Plan


  • Serving the public by effectively regulating medical practice


  • A trusted and respected leader that protects the public while supporting the medical profession

We Value:

  • Promotion of professionalism and excellence in medical care;
  • The public’s confidence in the College;
  • Accountability and transparency of process;
  • Our commitment to ethical and responsible self-regulation;
  • Our leadership role;
  • Our dedication to continuous improvement;
  • Collaboration, innovation and flexibility; and
  • Compassion and respect for human dignity.

 Strategic Themes 2017-2018

A Focus on Access to Primary Care

To support improved access to competent primary care through effective regulation.

A Focus on Trust and Transparency

To build understanding and trust in the work of the College.

A Focus on the Interaction of Medicine and Commerce

To ensure that the commercial interests of physicians do not work against the individual and collective rights of patients, or the good name of the profession.

A Focus on the College’s Responsibility regarding Monitored Prescription Drugs

To lead efforts to improve physician prescribing and to protect the public.