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Issue 3: October 2023

Council Update

Photo looking into an empty boardroom from outside the room

The College’s Council is the governing board of the College. The Council includes physician members elected by physicians and public members appointed by the College through a nominations process.

In May the Council approved the 2023–2024 strategic plan. The focus of which is to improve access to equitable, competent care for Nova Scotians by:

  • Expanding the recognition of acceptable international training and practice to license more physicians.
  • Growing physician extender programs, to increase the number of Associate Physicians and Physician Assistants.
  • Facilitating multi-jurisdictional licensing agreements, such as the Atlantic Registry, to promote mobility of physicians and postgraduate trainees.
  • Supporting physicians trained outside of Canada through the Welcome Collaborative orientation program, to advance long-term success and retention.

The Council met on October 13 and approved the following policies to support the College’s strategic focus:

Council also approved an increase in licensing fees for 2024.