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Criminal Record Screening

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The Council of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia requires all applicants for initial registration and licensure in Nova Scotia to undergo criminal record screening within six months prior to the date a licence is issued. Criminal Record screening is required to assist the College in its mandate to protect the public interest.


  1. Individuals applying for initial registration in Nova Scotia, regardless of class of registration/licence, and current College members applying for a different class of registration/licence are required to provide a Canadian Police Information (CPIC) Criminal Record Synopsis to the College.
  2. The CPIC Criminal Record Synopsis must be prepared by an organization approved by the College and must be provided directly to the College by that organization.
  3. An application will not be considered finalized until the College has received the CPIC Criminal Record Synopsis.
  4. A completed CPIC Criminal Record Synopsis does not ensure that registration/licensure will be granted. Positive findings will be considered for further action by the College based on criteria including:
    1. The date of the conviction;
    2. The number of convictions;
    3. The nature and seriousness of the offences;
    4. The relevance of the details of the offence to the practice of medicine.

      In the event issues of capacity, competence or character arise from the criminal record check, the matter shall be referred for consideration to the Registrar. The Registrar will review the application and all information.

      Where the Registrar is not satisfied with the evidence of capacity, competence or character presented by the applicant or acquired in the registration process, the application will be referred to the Registration Committee for review.

  5. In addition to providing a CPIC Criminal Record Synopsis, international applicants must also obtain an international criminal record check from each country in which the applicant has practised medicine and/or lived. International criminal record checks must be prepared by an organization approved by the College and must be provided directly to the College by that organization. The timelines for receipt of international criminal record check reports can vary depending on the country where the individual has practised medicine.
  6. CPIC and international record checks must be requested under the original and all other surnames of the applicant, and must be received by the College within six months prior to the date registration/licence is issued.
  7. The cost of conducting the CPIC and international criminal record checks will be borne by the applicant.


Applicable Legislation

Section 29(d) – Medical Act

Section 5(g) – Registration Regulations

Approved By

Registration Committee

Executive Committee


Approval Date

October 20, 2017

November 17, 2017

December 1, 2017

Review Date

October 2018