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Revised Professional Standards Approved by Council & Retirement of Mifegymiso Prescribing Standard

At its December meeting, the Council of the College revised and approved the following professional standards and guidelines:

College Council also approved the retirement of the Professional Standards Regarding Prescribing Mifegymiso.

Whereas there was no standardized approach to prescribing Mifegymiso, in large measure due to conflicting interpretations of the product’s monograph; there was confusion among prescribers. In order to provide direction to physicians, a standard that set out the College’s interpretation of the Health Canada Product Monograph was approved in May.

On November 8th, after significant lobbying by the health professionals and women’s health advocacy groups, Health Canada announced updated prescribing and dispensing requirements regarding Mifegymiso. The requirements are now quite clear. As such a College Standard is no longer necessary.

Physicians are expected to stay current with professional standards and guidelines. The complete catalogue of professional standards and guidelines is available any time to all physicians on the College website.