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Issue 2: May 2023

Council & Annual General Meeting

The College’s Council is the governing board of the College. The Council includes physician members elected by physicians and public members appointed by the College through a nominations process.

The Council met on May 26th and approved the following revised standards:

The following standards were retired:

  • Professional Standard Regarding Obstetrical Ultrasound for Non-Medical Reasons
  • Professional Standard Regarding Professional Responsibilities in Postgraduate Medical Education
  • Professional Guidelines Regarding Resumption of Services in Medical Practices during COVID-19
  • Guidelines for Retiring Physicians Regarding Licensing and Notification
  • Guidelines for Vaccine Storage and Handling

These standards are no longer needed as guidance is provided for in other standards or they pertain to issues that are no longer relevant, or they address clinical issues that are effectively addressed by other healthcare stakeholders.

The Council also endorsed the Framework on Wise Practices and Medical Regulation: Towards an equitable and safe experience for Indigenous people.  The document was developed by the Federation of Medical Regulatory Authorities of Canada.  

Annual General Meeting

The College’s 28th Annual General Meeting was also held during the day and included a number of guests attending virtually. The meeting saw the approval of Grant Thorton as the 2023 auditors of the College.

  • Dr. Mutiat Sulyman in District 5 (county of Halifax, including HRM) was newly elected to Council.
  • Dr. Michael Clory in District 5 (county of Halifax, including HRM) was re-elected to Council.

The Nominations Committee appointed Dr. Mary-Lynn Watson in District 5 (county of Halifax, inlcuding HRM) as the College’s 2024 President-Elect.

At the meeting, the reports from the President and the Registrar provided highlights of the College’s activities in 2022. Both reports featured the College’s expanded approach to licensure.  Reports regarding the College’s operations are available in its recently published annual report.