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Approval of Supervisors for Defined Licence Physicians

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Section 40 (1) of the Medical Practitioners Regulations requires an applicant for a Defined licence have a Supervisor who meets the requirements in Section 45. In this capacity, the Supervisor acts as an agent of the College and must be approved by the College.

Defined licence physicians are assigned to a level of supervision according to College policy (Supervision Levels for Defined Licences) with the requirements for each level further delineated in the College’s General Guidelines for College-Directed Clinical Supervision.


  1. The Supervisor of a Defined licence physician must practise in Nova Scotia and hold one of the following licence types:
    1. A Full licence
    2. An Academic licence
    3. A Defined licence, under Sponsor-only oversight.
  2. The Sponsor of the Defined licence physician is responsible for proposing an appropriate Supervisor to the College, in writing, taking into account the following:
    • The level of supervision required
    • The Supervisor’s scope of practice, which must be similar to that of the Defined licence physician
    • The Supervisor’s experience and practice history
    • The Supervisor’s willingness, availability and geographic proximity to the Defined licence physician
    • Any apparent conflict of interest
    • Other relevant College policy and guidance
  3. The College will internally review all proposed supervisors, taking into account the criteria listed in #2 above and the proposed Supervisor’s:
    • Professional conduct (investigations and compliance) history
    • Assessment history, unless protected under the Medical Act
    • Past relationships and interactions with the College
    • Past performance as a Supervisor, if any
  4. Following an internal review, the College will inform the Sponsor in writing whether a proposed Supervisor has been accepted or declined.
  5. In the interest of preserving the proposed Supervisor’s confidentiality, when a proposed Supervisor is declined by the College, no further explanation will be provided.


Approved by


Registration Committee

Executive Committee

Approval date

March 20, 2017

April 7, 2017

May 5, 2017

Review date

March 2019