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Temporary Licence (Locum)

The Temporary licence is issued to physicians or surgeons who want to practise for a short-term in Nova Scotia, up to a maximum of 6 consecutive months.

To apply for the Temporary licence you must have:

  • a full licence to practise in a Canadian province or territory; OR
  • the qualifications and credentials to obtain a Full licence in Nova Scotia.

Note: If you previously practiced with a Restricted – Special Case licence, you will apply for the Temporary licence going forward.

How to Apply: Applicants with Verified Credentials

If you have a full licence to practise in Canada with documentation already verified by your current licensing College, you can submit your application through a simplified process. You must have a Certificate of Professional Conduct (CPC) with:

  • no restrictions or conditions;
  • no current undertakings or open complaints with other Colleges; and
  • no disciplinary sanctions on your record. 

The Temporary licence fee for applicants with verified documentation is $300 per 30 days.
This licence is valid for up to 6 consecutive months.

How to Apply: Applicants without Verified Credentials

If your documentation has not been verified by a Canadian College, you must submit your application online through

To apply, you must: