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Issue 4: December 2023

Welcome Collaborative 2023 in Review

In November, 16 physicians participated in a 3-day welcome orientation at the College along with Dr. Gus Grant, the College’s Registrar and CEO (seated centre).

I went there a little reluctantly but ended up absolutely loving it. Great quality presentations and presenters. Really useful to understand how the health system works (including outside of your specialty). Sharing our experiences with other foreign-trained physicians was great and comforting. It is also great to see the College cares about us. It gave me more energy for the future.

(Physician Participant)

Twice as many physicians participated in the first year of the Welcome Collaborative than originally projected. Four sessions were delivered in 2023 attended by a total 60 physicians who had trained outside of Canada and were new to medical practice in Nova Scotia. The majority of physician participants hold a Defined license on a pathway to full licensure. 

The 3-day orientation provides a tremendous opportunity for physicians to connect with one another and with organizations such as NSH and Doctors NS. It also provides an invaluable opportunity to hear first-hand from physicians the challenges they are facing as they settle into communities across our province. Their input continues to inform the Welcome Collaborative and the work of all its participating organizations.

The Welcome Collaborative continues to be guided by the program’s Advisory Council. At its September meeting the challenge of spousal employment was discussed. The Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS) a member of the Advisory Council, offered to help prepare the spouses of physicians to obtain a job in relevant fields as they have employment services available pre- and post-arrival.

The Welcome Collaborative program is funded through the government of Nova Scotia’s Labour, Skills and Immigration Department.