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Issue 4: December 2023

Ask the Registrar: Virtual Care

If I am licensed by CPSNS can I deliver care to patients when I am out of province?

Yes. Physicians can do so for short periods of time only in order to accommodate when a physician travels outside of the province. Physicians licensed in Nova Scotia who deliver virtual care to Nova Scotians are subject to the regulation of the College, irrespective of where the physician is located. 

What are my obligations when virtual care identifies the need for an in-person assessment for my patient?

If the physician determines that an in-person assessment is required, the physician must schedule an in-person assessment with themself or with another specific care provider as soon as the patient requires; and

If the physician determines that an in-person assessment is required by a health care provider in a different scope of practice, the physician must make the referral, inform the patient and document the reasoning. If the virtual visit was the result of a referral from another physician, then the original referring physician must also be informed.