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Podiatrists Regulated by the College of Physicians and Surgeons as of April 1, 2024


The provincial government has amended the regulations to the Medical Act, conferring upon the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia the responsibility and authority to regulate podiatry within the province, effective April 1, 2024.  

The College applauds the advocacy and administrative work done by the Nova Scotia Podiatry Association (NSPA) to bring the profession into regulation. The College is grateful to members of the Division of Orthopedic Surgery for their collaboration in this work. The College recognizes the valuable contribution podiatrists can and are making to healthcare in Nova Scotia.

To practice in Nova Scotia, podiatrists will require a licence issued by the College. The NSPA will be sending its members a licensing application, together with general information from the College. There is no charge for this licence in 2024.  

Podiatrists cannot remain in the practice of podiatry beyond April 1, 2024, without a licence issued by the College. 

Podiatrists are obligated to renew their licence annually. The licence renewal for 2025 will take place in in November of this year with a fee to be determined.

Podiatrists who are not members of the NSPA or who have not provided the NSPA their contact information, are asked to contact the College immediately at Podiatrists who are members of the NSPA presently are licensable by the College as of right. Podiatrists who are not currently members of the NSPA will be reviewed for licensure by the College individually upon receipt of application.

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