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Notice Regarding Attendance and Reporting at the Hearing Regarding Dr. Manivasan Moodley

The following directions have been issued by the Hearing Panel subsequent to the hearing of a motion brought by the College on February 14, 2020.  The motion was brought to address various concerns, including the upholding of the publication ban respecting the identities of the complainants.  The full reasons for these directions will be set out in a decision to be rendered by the Hearing Panel at a later date. 

The  Hearing Panel directs as follows:

1.  In accordance with a publication ban granted on October 24, 2019, the names and all information that may identify the complainants in this matter are banned from any form of publication or disclosure;

2.  The media are permitted to attend the hearing scheduled to commence on February 24 at 0930 at the offices of the College.  In addition, individuals such as family members who are identified by legal counsel for Dr. Moodley or the complainants as their support for the hearing,  are permitted to attend the hearing.

3.  Individuals apart from those identified above are not permitted to attend the hearing but will have full access to any decisions of the Hearing Panel, subject to the publication ban.

4.  For those permitted to attend the hearing, the following will apply:

a.  Subject to the publication ban, the media may take video footage or photographs on the College‚Äôs premises before evidence is called.  No video images or photography may be taken while evidence is being presented.

b. Audio recording by the media is permitted for note-taking purposes, but not for broadcast purposes.

c.   In order to uphold the publication ban, no live transmission of the evidence is permitted, through live tweeting, blogging or any other simultaneous source of reporting. Media are otherwise permitted to report information about the hearing, but only after the parties have had an opportunity to consider whether any evidence presented may be subject to the publication ban. During the mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks, and prior to the lunch break and end of the day, the Hearing Panel will canvass the parties to determine if there is evidence that may be subject to the publication ban and will provide direction to the media in this regard prior to the media reporting on the preceding evidence.

5.  Those attending the hearing will be required to sign in and acknowledge agreement with these directions.

6. Inquiries about the hearing should be directed to:

Pattie LaCroix, Director, Communications & Policy
College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia
Suite 400-175 Western Parkway, Bedford, NS B4B 0V1