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Issue 2: May 2023

Manager of the College’s Welcome Collaborative

“A significant challenge for physicians trained outside of Canada is adapting to the culture and work environment of Nova Scotia. The province has a unique culture and healthcare system, and physicians must learn to navigate the nuances of the system to provide effective care to their patients. They may also face challenges in building relationships with their colleagues and patients, particularly if there are cultural or language barriers.

To address some of these challenges, the College launched the Welcome Collaborative orientation program. The Welcome Collaborative program, along with other stakeholders, recognizes these challenges and aims to help our doctors and their families to overcome some of the challenges they may face when moving to Nova Scotia. By providing resources, support, and information, the program aims to help our internationally-trained doctors settle into their new homes and community with confidence.

As a new immigrant to Canada and NS, I realize how difficult it is to relocate to a new country. I find the Welcome Collaborative program crucial for our new doctors who are internationally trained and are relocating to Nova Scotia.”

George Chimdi Mbara, PhD 
Program Manager