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Licence Renewal Opens Online November 1st – Review the Renewal Checklist to Prepare

Each year you must renew your medical licence. If you practise within a corporation for which you are listed as a medical director, you must also renew your corporation permit.

Important Dates for Your Renewal

November 1-30: Renewal is Open

Renew your licence and medical corporation permit between November 1-30

December 1: Late Fees Applied

Renewals received after November 30 are subject to a late fee

January 1: License Expiry

Failure to renew your medical licence will result in your licence expiring on January 1:
– You will not be allowed to practise medicine in Nova Scotia.
– You will lose your hospital privileges.
– You will not be paid through MSI or other insurers.

January 1: Medical Corporation Permit Expiry

Failure to renew your permit will result in your permit expiring on January 1:
– You will not be able to practise medicine under your corporation. 
– You could suffer tax consequences if the Medical Corporation Permit expires.

Device Recommendations

Renew from your mobile phone or tablet

Reminder: Your renewal can be completed from your mobile phone or tablet.

Before you renew your medical licence and corporation permit, please review your renewal checklists:

Your Corporation Permit Renewal Checklist

To renew your corporation permit you will need: