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Statement Regarding the MCCQE Part II Exam Suspension

The Medical Council of Canada (MCC) announced on May 31, 2021 the suspension of the MCCQE Part II due to significant issues with the virtual examination.

MCC apologized for the anxiety this has caused candidates amidst the pandemic. The MCC confirmed a full refund for those registered for the current session, those who were transferred to the fall 2021 session, and those who challenged the exam in the past weeks.  The full MCC statement can be found here.

Our College is immediately examining the implications of this announcement on all affected physicians, whether on the educational register, the provisional register, or seeking initial licensure.

The College’s Pandemic-Related Exceptions to the Requirement for the MCCQE Part II Policy, which sets out our licensure approach for those who affected by the postponements MCCQE Part II, remains in place.   

The College would like to acknowledge the challenges faced by those who recently participated in the MCC examination process and for those who had planned to do so.  We thank all physicians affected for their patience and commitment to the profession.

The MCC news is fresh and our response has not yet crystallized.  We will be updating all those affected as soon as more information becomes available.