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Considering the views of the medical profession and the public plays an important role in developing professional standards and guidelines for practising physicians in Nova Scotia.

Current Consultations

The College welcomes input from the public and the medical profession by way of a consultation survey.

The consultation survey asks questions regarding the Draft Professional Standards and Guidelines Regarding Sexual Misconduct by Physicians and takes about 15 minutes to complete.

The survey is non-identifying.

Participate in the survey now.

If you would like to review the survey in advance you can download a copy here.

Consultation ends January 31st, 2020.

A summary of the consultation survey results will be available online upon closure of the consultation.

The College’s Professional Standards and Guidelines Regarding Sexual Misconduct in the Physician-Patient Relationship has been revised. The revised document, entitled, Draft Professional Standards and Guidelines Regarding Sexual Misconduct by Physicians was informed by consultation with:

  • Canadian Medical Protective Association;
  • Doctors NS;
  • Avalon Sexual Assault Centre;
  • Antigonish Women’s Resource Centre;
  • Colchester Sexual Assault Centre; and
  • Canadian Centre for Legal Innovation in Sexual Assault Response (CCLISAR).

The College’s Professional Standards Committee composed of physicians and public members oversees the development of standards of practice.  Professional standards and guidelines are the lens through which the College views the conduct of individual physicians.

Feedback received during the consultation will be carefully reviewed by the College’s Professional Standards Committee.

In considering the input provided, the Committee will determine the final draft to be presented to the College’s Council for approval.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this consultation, please email: