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Scope of Practice & Physician Deployment During COVID-19

Given the public health directives in response to the recent increase in COVID cases, licensed physicians may be asked by their Health Authority to contribute to the pandemic response in ways outside their normal scope of practice. The College wishes to reassure physicians its support of this measure.

When deployed by a Health Authority to support the pandemic response, the College will not hold physicians to practice within a scope strictly consistent with recent training and experience. 

This approach applies to Physicians privileged and working under the direction of NSH,  the IWK (inpatient or outpatient settings), and/or the Chief Medical Officer of Health’s office.  This may include, but is not limited to, work within COVID-19 primary assessment centres, case tracing and monitoring, provision of vaccinations, and COVID-19 testing as deployed by the health authorities.

To restate: if you are deployed by your Health Authority to work outside your normal scope of practice, be advised you will not face disciplinary measures from the College for practising outside your scope of practice.