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Non-Resident Physicians

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Physicians registered in the Medical Register, and working outside of Nova Scotia, are recognized as “Non-Resident Physicians”.

In determining residency status, the following will be taken into account:

  • the place where (s)he in the settled routine of his/her life, regularly, normally or customarily works;
  • the degree of permanence of work outside of Nova Scotia to be considered;
  • other factors to be taken into consideration may include:
    • hospital appointments;
    • academic appointments;
    • contracts of service; and
    • permanence and purpose of work outside of Nova Scotia

A Non-Resident Physician is eligible to work in Nova Scotia following approval by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia (the College).

Responsibilities of a Non-Resident Physician include, but are not limited to:

  • maintaining privileges with the Nova Scotia Health Authority while practising in Nova Scotia; and
  • obtaining a billing number with the Nova Scotia Service Provider (MSI)

In addition, as per the Medical Practitioners Regulations, sections 24(1)(c) and 43(1)(c), a member applying to renew a licence and who has practised outside the Province in the previous year, must submit a certificate of professional conduct from the jurisdiction to prove that there are no outstanding complaints, prohibitions, conditions or restrictions against the member engaging in practice in the Province.

To be recognized as “Resident in Nova Scotia”, a Non-Resident physician must:

  1. notify the College in writing, including the effective date;
  2. provide an updated Nova Scotia mailing address;
  3. provide a Certificate(s) of Professional Conduct; and
  4. provide confirmation of medical liability protection, malpractice insurance, or other form of indemnity that extends to all areas of their practice in Nova Scotia.

Applicable Legislation

Medical Practitioners Regulations Sections 24(1)(c) and 43 (1)(c)

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Approval Date

February 2018

Review Date

February 2020