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Defined Licence – Fellowship

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A qualified physician may be granted a Defined licence for the purpose of participating in a fellowship program beyond their primary specialty training.


The fellowship program must:

  1. be based in an Academic Department that is affiliated with the Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine;
  2. have a designated physician Fellowship Director; and
  3. have one or more clinical faculty, including the Fellowship Director, who are jointly responsible for the instruction and supervision of the Fellow according to the Fellow’s needs and demonstrated competence.

General Requirements

  1. All candidates must be graduates from a university or school that meets criteria approved by Council as set out in the policy University or School Approved by Council.
  2. All candidates are waived of the MCC examinations.
  3. Candidates must be available for interview by the Registrar.
  4. Training and licensed practice experience must be acceptable to the College in keeping with the guideline Guidance on Training and Certification Requirements for a Defined Licence in Nova Scotia.
  5. All candidates for a Defined Licence with Fellowship must have a sponsor and a supervisor.

Physicians granted a Defined licence for the purpose of participating in a Fellowship may be:

  1. exempted from required examinations (refer to policy Examinations Required for Defined Licensure)
  2. excused from direct College-mandated supervision
  3. licensed without an established route to Full licensure
  4. licensed for a maximum of two years in total
  5. at the discretion of the Registrar, licensed for one more additional year under exceptional circumstances
  6. granted specialty certification if they meet the Medical Specialty List Criteria.

English language proficiency for fellowship candidates are outlined in the College policy “English Language Proficiency for Postgraduate Training”.

Approved By

Registration Committee


Approval Date

April 6, 2018

May 25, 2018

Review Date

April 2020