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Certificates of Professional Conduct – Requirements for Licensure in Nova Scotia

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A Certificate of Professional Conduct guides licensing and professional conduct decisions. The College relies on information provided in a Certificate of Professional Conduct to ensure public safety.


All applicants for registration, whether currently or previously registered or licensed in another jurisdiction, must request a Certificate(s) of Professional Conduct to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia (College).

The College requires a Certificate of Professional Conduct from each jurisdiction where an applicant has been licensed and has practiced in the last 10 years. Certificates of Professional Conduct received by the College are valid for a period of 90 days.

All registrants, at the time of annual licence renewal, are required to disclose any practice outside of Nova Scotia that has taken place since the last renewal and are required to provide a Certificate of Professional Conduct from all jurisdictions in which they have practised.

The College will only accept original, currently dated Certificates of Professional Conduct received directly from the issuing authority.

It is the physician’s responsibility to inform the College if, at any time:

  • they become subject to a complaint or disciplinary action outside of Nova Scotia; or
  • their hospital privileges have been altered in any way; or
  • they are a named Defendant in civil litigation regarding their medical practice, or
  • subject to criminal charges or charges under the Controlled Drug and Substances Act

Failure to do so may be viewed by the College as professional misconduct.


Applicable legislation

Medical Practitioners Regulations pursuant to the Medical Act – Section 16 (3) and subsequent sections for all classes of licence

Approved by

Registration Committee, Executive Committee

Approval date

October 30, 2019

December 12, 2019

Review date

November 2020