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Academic Standing for Licensure

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Academic standing may only be granted by the College to a physician following a request from the Dean.

Academic standing is an essential criterion for an Academic licence fulfilling Section 55(2)(b) of the Medical Practitioners Regulations.

Academic standing may be granted to physicians holding a Defined licence.

This policy sets out the criteria for Academic standing together with the effects of this status.


  1. Candidates for Academic Standing must:
    1. hold an academic appointment with Dalhousie University, subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant Dalhousie academic appointment policy;
    2. have 20% or greater protected time for academic duties; and
    3. be a member of an academic department with direct reporting responsibilities to the Department Head for academic duties (and, where applicable, other duties).
  2. The Dean of the Faculty of Medicine will be the sponsor for all Academic licensees and for all Defined licensees granted Academic Standing. Confirmation of continued sponsorship will be required on an annual basis.
  3. A physician licensed with Academic Standing will report to the Academic Department Head where the academic appointment resides. The Academic Department Head will be accountable, on an ongoing basis, for monitoring the clinical and academic performance of the faculty member, and for providing an annual summary report to the Dean and to the CPSNS.
  4. A physician holding a Defined licence with Academic Standing will be subject to:
    1. the same supervision requirements as an Academic licensee; and
    2. the same sponsorship requirements as Defined licenses on Sponsor-only Oversight.
  5. A physician holding a Defined licence with Academic Standing will not normally be subject to renewal limitations of Section 43 (3).

Applicable Legislation

Section 39 (1) (a-k)
Section 55 (2) (a-e)

Approved by

Registration Committee, Executive Committee and Council

Approval Date

June 15, 2018
June 19, 2018

Review Date

April 2020