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Issue 4: December 2022

Renew Your Licence Before January 1st

Annual licence renewal is a requirement of the provincial legislation which specifies medical licences that are not renewed before January 1st will expire.

This year, regular communication by email and text message resulted in over 96% of Nova Scotia’s physicians renewing their medical licence on time. Thank you to all physicians for doing so.

The College aims to support physicians to renew their licence on time with the hope that every physician renews promptly and avoids paying the late fee. We made every effort to communicate extensively with physicians. As well, Doctors Nova Scotia and Nova Scotia Health supported these efforts by providing reminders to physicians.

When physicians fail to meet the deadline for renewal, the College must act on several fronts. We reach out to speak to physicians and assist with their renewal to avoid licence expiration. In some cases, we take steps to plan the impact of non-renewal for patients suddenly without a physician. Every effort is made to prevent the expiration of a medical licence in these stressful times.

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