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Defined Licence – Locum Coverage

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Section 40 (1) of the Medical Practitioners Regulations requires an applicant for a Defined licence have a Supervisor who meets the requirements in Section 45.

Supervision Levels are determined and reviewed according to policy (Supervision Levels for Defined Licence Physicians and Sponsor-only Oversight of Defined Licence Physicians)


  1. Defined licences for the primary purpose of providing locum services will be granted only when the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia can be satisfied that there is adequate and appropriate supervision in place.
  2. Defined licences issued for the primary purpose of providing locum services will require no less than Intermediate level supervision, for a duration of no less than 3 months of continuous practice in one location.
  3. Defined licencees on Intermediate or High Level supervision may not provide locum coverage outside their home facility.
  4. Defined licensees on Low Level or Standard Level supervision may provide locum coverage to facilities within their primary Health Authority Zone, unless prohibited by a licence condition or term of sponsorship.
  5. Defined licensees on Sponsors-only Oversight or Academic Standing may, with sponsorship, provide locum coverage outside their primary Health Authority Zone.


Approved By

Registration Committee

Executive Committee


Approval Date

June 15, 2018

June 19, 2018

Review Date

April 2020