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Clinical Assistant Program – Accreditation


There must be institutional oversight for all clinical assistant programs within the institution with a senior administrative officer (e.g. VP of Medicine) identified and responsible for the oversight. There must be a central record of all clinical assistants, including their qualifications, credentials, and copies of evaluation reports, procedure certification, and satisfaction surveys. These centrally held documents must be available at the time of program survey by the College and at other times upon written requests by the College.

There must be a clinical assistant program director appointed. There must be evidence that the responsible senior administrative officer reviews, at least annually, with each clinical assistant program director the conduct of the department’s Clinical Assistant Program.

  1. Objectives of the Accreditation Program
    The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia (College) surveys, evaluates, and accredits all clinical assistant programs in the province of Nova Scotia. The accreditation process has as its major objectives:
  2. Registration Policy Committee
  3. Sponsorship of Clinical Assistant Programs 
  4. The Accreditation Process
  5. Categories of Accreditation