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Medical Student Observership

Applying for a Medical Student Observership Permit?

The College has approved a policy that will permit undergraduate students attending medical schools to undertake observerships in Nova Scotia medical practices. Particularly in rural areas of the province there is a recognition that many local students attending Dalhousie University Medical School or other medical schools have an interest in observing a medical practice in their early undergraduate years. It is believed that such experience could be useful for rural communities seeking to encourage local students to return home to practise after graduation.

As an observer medical students will interact with patients and will have access to private personal patient information. Therefore, a permit with the College is required.

Please note that an observer permit is not a licence to practise medicine.

Participating in an observership is not considered as training or work experience and will not be considered when assessing eligibility to practise medicine in Nova Scotia.

Medical Student Observership Application Package (PDF – 8 pages)