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Setting up a Medical Corporation

Frequently Asked Questions Expand All

1. Do I need a lawyer to incorporate?

Yes. The College cannot provide you with legal advice. You will require legal assistance in obtaining the following:

  • Certificate of Incorporation through the Registry of Joint Stock Companies.
  • Permit to practise medicine under (within) that professional corporation through the College.

2. Do I have to be actively licensed with College to maintain a Professional Medical Corporation?

No. You do not have to hold an active licence with the College in order to maintain a professional medical corporation. You do have to hold an active licence with the College in order to maintain a permit to practise medical within a medical professional corporation.

3. What can I name my professional corporation?

  • The name of a professional corporation must be a fit and proper name for a corporation engaged in the practice of medicine.
  • You must obtain written approval from the College with respect to the proposed corporate name (fax (902) 422-5035 or e-mail There is no fee for this service.
  • When name approval has been obtained, register the company with the Registry of Joint Stock Companies.

4. Do I need to submit a Certificate of Status if I have just incorporated with the Registry of Joint Stock Companies?

Yes, a Certificate of Status, as well as a Certificate of Incorporation, is required to complete the registration of the company with the College.

5. If I have a medical corporation that is incorporated in another province and I am moving to Nova Scotia, can my company practise medicine in Nova Scotia?

  • Obtain a Certificate of Continuance from the Registry of Joint Stock Companies in Nova Scotia.
  • Apply for and obtain a permit from the College.

Otherwise, you will have to incorporate a new company in Nova Scotia.

6. How do I apply for a permit to practise within a professional corporation?

Once you have registered your corporation with the Registry of Joint Stock Companies you (or your lawyer) will need to:

  • Complete an Application for Permit (Form A).
  • Affix your corporate seal to the application.
  • Forward the original application to the College for approval (faxed copies are not acceptable).

Failure to meet these requirements will delay processing of the application.

7. What is the cost of initiating a professional corporation permit with the College?

The initial registration fee is $150 (January to December). This fee is not pro-rated.

8. When the College has approved my application for a permit, where will the permit be sent?

Your permit will be sent to the law firm you use to establish your medical professional corporation. Otherwise, the address that is supplied on Form A under Registered Office of the Corporation will be used as the mailing address for that corporation.

9. Do I have to renew my permit to practise within a medical professional corporation?

Yes. Professional corporation permits expire December 31 each year. November is renewal month and you can renew your corporation permit at the same time you renew your annual licence to practise medicine.

The renewal is an electronic process. A renewal notification will be sent to you in late October.

10. Can I maintain my corporation permit with the College if I move out of the province?

Yes. However, you must maintain an active licence in Nova Scotia and provide a registered address within Nova Scotia. To change the address of your professional corporation, please submit a change of address using the Member Services page found on the College website.