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Clinical Assistant Licence

Basic Requirements

The basic requirements for a Clinical Assistant Licence with the College are as follows:

  • be a graduate from a medical university or school that meets criteria approved by the Council of the College;
  • meet the requirements as set-out in Section 49 of the Medical Practitioners Regulations;
  • have acquired 2 years of postgraduate training and 1 year of licensed practice experience OR 1 year of postgraduate training and 2 years of licensed practice experience;
  • have recent practice experience and training (completed within the last 5 years);
  • meet the English Language Proficiency standards of the College;
  • hold a valid work permit, permanent resident status or Canadian citizenship;
  • have the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination – Part I (MCCQEI) AND have a ‘pass’ standing in either the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination – Part II (LMCC) OR the National Assessment Collaboration (NAC) Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

All potential candidates for clinical assistant positions must have their credentials assessed and approved by the Registration & Licensing Department of the College prior to accepting job offers from a Nova Scotia Health Authority.

For more information refer to the following documents:

Your Application: Getting Started

  • Determine if you meet the requirements for a Clinical Assistant Licence. Please contact the College at (902) 422-5823 or if you have any questions regarding your eligibility for a Clinical Assistant Licence.
  • Complete a Review of Qualifications at If you undertake a Review of Qualifications, the College will review the information you provide to determine if you are eligible to proceed with the application process.

Please note that if it is determined that you are eligible for a Clinical Assistant Licence, before proceeding to an application you will need to have an offer of employment as a clinical assistant.