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Clinical Observership Permit for International Medical Graduates (IMGs)

You may apply for a clinical observership permit if the following applies to you:

  • You were trained outside Canada.
  • You do not yet meet the requirements for a licence to practise medicine in Nova Scotia.

This permit lets you observe, learn and gain insight into the practice of medicine in Nova Scotia under the supervision of a doctor practising in a hospital or medical practice.  You may want to do this as you prepare for your Canadian licensing examinations or assessments of your skills and knowledge.

As a clinical observer, you will work with patients and see their private information. You need a permit from us to do these things.

For more information, please see the College policy Clinical Observers.

What an observership permit is NOT 

  • It is NOT a licence to practise medicine.
  • It is NOT considered as training or work experience.
  • It is NOT part of your assessment for eligibility to practise medicine.

Step One: Apply for a permit

If you have questions about the requirements, ask us. Call 1-877-282-7767 or 902-422-5823 or email

Step 2: Review of your application

We will review the information you submitted to find out if you are qualified to move on in the application process.

We will notify you of your eligibility by email:

  • If you are not eligible, we will explain why.
  • If you are eligible, your Registration Coordinator will send you a link with access to your member services portal explaining you what we need to complete your file.

Step 3: Approval and Registration

After your application file is complete, the College will analyze your application and notify you whether or not you qualify for a registration permit in Nova Scotia.

  • If you do not qualify we will provide you a letter outlining the reasons.
  • If you do qualify, you will be provided with further instructions and details regarding completion of payment of applicable fees and taxes.