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Restricted Licence

The restricted licence is issued to 2 categories of physicians:

  • those who meet the criteria for a full licence and have conditions and restrictions on their practice imposed by the College
  • those who have an independent practice licence elsewhere in Canada and come to Nova Scotia for a very short time, generally one or 2 days, to teach, learn, or to take on a particular task

Restricted licence – special case

You need this licence if you have a full licence to practise elsewhere in Canada and you are coming to Nova Scotia for a very short time, generally one or 2 days, to do such things as

  • teach a new procedure
  • learn a new procedure
  • perform independent medical examinations

Are you eligible?

Only physicians and surgeons who hold a full licence in another Canadian jurisdiction qualify for this licence.

Step 1: Submit your application to the College

Download the Restricted licence – Special case application and guide (PDF – 21 pages – 2716 KB)

Submit the completed application to

Make sure you complete the application accurately. Discrepancies with information may delay your application.

Contact the Medical Council of Canada (MCC) at if you need help to create or access your account.

Call 1-877-282-7767 or 902-422-5823

Step 2: Review of your application

We will review the information you submitted to find out if you are qualified to move on in the application process.

We will email you to tell you if you qualify for the licence or not:

  • If you qualify, your registration coordinator will send you a link to your member services portal explaining what we need to complete your file.
  • If you do NOT qualify, we will explain why.

Step 3: Completing your file

The member services portal contains details and links to help you find out what documentation you need to complete your application. This includes but is not limited to

  • a letter from the organization requesting your services
  • a criminal record check for each jurisdiction requested by your registration coordinator
  • reference letters requested by your registration coordinator
  • certificates of professional conduct from the regulatory or licensing authority in each jurisdiction where you have practised medicine or held a medical licence as instructed by your registration coordinator

Note: Your registration coordinator may ask for additional documents following their review of your file.

It may take 4 to 6 weeks to collect and send us all the documents we need.

It may take longer if we need more information. If that is the case, your application will be sent on to the registrar or registration committees for review.

Step 4: Approval and registration

After your application file is complete, with all applicable medical credentials and supporting documents submitted and verified, we will analyze your application and tell you if you qualify for registration in Nova Scotia.

  • If you qualify, we will send further instructions and information about paying the applicable fees.
  • If you do NOT qualify we will send you a letter telling you why.

Step 5: Licensure letter

If you are approved for licensure you will be issued a restricted licence to practise medicine in Nova Scotia for a defined period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an account with standardizes and streamlines the application process for medical registration in Canada.

  • Applying to multiple jurisdictions will be easier. All Canadian medical regulatory authorities require all new candidates for independent practice registration to have a account. This includes Canadian medical residents, practising physicians relocating within Canada, and candidates from outside the country.
  • Your medical credentials and Medical Council of Canada (MCC) exam results will be permanently stored in
  • If you obtained any of your medical credentials outside Canada, you will need to request source verification of those credentials through
  • With your consent, regulatory authorities and other medical organizations will be able to see your credentials and exam results through the portal.

How long will it take?

Give yourself plenty of time to complete your licence application. It is difficult to predict how long it will take as it depends on how long it takes for you to gather the necessary documentation. It usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to collect and send us all the documents we need.

Once we have received all the documents and information we need, it usually takes several days to issue you a licence.

You may begin to practise once you have been granted a licence, not before.