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Participates who successfully complete the Nova Scotia Practice Ready Assessment Program (NSPRAP) can apply to the College for a Defined licence to practice.

In Nova Scotia, the Medical Act & Regulations requires that a defined licensee be overseen by both a Supervisor and a Sponsor for the duration of this licence. The goal of supervision is to evaluate and support the defined licenced physician as they work towards full licensure.

Steps upon successful completion of the NSPRAP are as follows:

Step 1: Consideration for Licensure

The Nova Scotia Practice Ready Assessment Program will submit the names of successful program candidates to the College for review for licensure.

Step 2: Applying for Licensure

The College will then contact candidates to determine the required documentation they must provide in order to complete an application for a Defined licence.

Step 3: Licensure

  1. Registration Committee Review:
    The College’s Registration Committee review each application to determine licensure. The committee is comprised of members of the public and physicians practising in Nova Scotia.
  2. Time-limited, conditional licence:
    A Defined licence is a conditional licence granted by the College’s Registration Committee. The committee determines specific conditions for such licencees. Physicians granted a Defined licence may practice, within the licensure conditions determined by the committee, for a maximum of 60 months in Nova Scotia.
  3. Pathway to Full licensure:
    Physicians with a Defined licence must have a pathway to Full licensure. This includes eligibility and successful completion of the Canadian Certification of Family Physicians (CCFP) exam.

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