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As physicians we strive to optimize patient care. The direct peer feedback provides an opportunity for physicians to reflect and adjust their practice if needed and to discuss opportunities for self-care. The aim of the peer reviewer is to engage with colleagues in a conversation to generate insight that strengthens patient care and supports physician wellness.

– Dr. Natasha Deshwal

For Physicians Participating in Peer Review

Quick Guide to Practice Assessment

This guide provides physicians with practical suggestions for practice assessment, categorized according to the seven roles of the CanMEDs Competency Framework.

Guidance on Risk and Supportive Factors in Medical Practice

It is known that a variety of factors may influence the quality of a physician’s practice. Some factors pose a risk, while others are supportive of practice quality over time. It is important that physicians be alert to factors at play in their practice and take steps to reduce risks and optimize supports.

Self-Reflection and Physician Practice Improvement Exercise

A commitment to practice improvement through continuing professional development (CPD) is a necessary element of professional self-regulation. Medical educators and regulators recently collaborated to design a new framework to promote Physician Practice Improvement (PPI).

Printing Your 24-Month CPD History 

To print the last 24-months of your CPD history from your College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) Mainpro+ account, do the following:

  • Navigate to ‘My Transcript of CPD Activities’ found under the Reports tab in MainPro+ and select a date range for your report.  Please download and print your last 24 months of CPD activity.

If you require assistance downloading and printing your reports, visit the CFPC website or contact the CFPC Mainpro+ coordinators at:

Phone:  1-800-387-6197 x560
Website:  Mainpro+ FAQ’s

Claiming Mainpro+® Credits (for Reviewed Physicians)

Completing the PPR-NS program is a Mainpro+ certified Assessment activity. This document provides information on how to claim your CPD credits.

Physician Peer Review Nova Scotia – Frequently Asked Questions