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Physician Peer Review

We all strive to do our best, but it’s a privilege to have a knowledgeable colleague sit down and discuss our practice with us.
– Dr. Stewart Cameron, Peer Reviewer

The College’s Physician Peer Review Nova Scotia (PPR-NS) program is designed to proactively support physicians to improve their practice and patient outcomes. Peer and practice assessment is a requirement of the Medical Act.

The PPR-NS is a collegial program developed with extensive physician participation incorporating best practices in physician assessment. The program blends traditional elements of peer review with an innovative approach to quality improvement.

Trained peer reviewers help physicians identify opportunities and match them with the right resources to enhance their practice.

Physician Peer Review Nova Scotia was launched in 2017 with Family Medicine.

Beginning in 2021, PPR-NS will be launched for other specialties as physicians within each specialty complete the peer review training. This training is specific to each field of medical practice.

A standard peer review includes:

  • A site visit, assessing and providing feedback on a physician’s practice facility, processes and procedures, documentation and patient care.
  • A discussion of the various risk and supportive factors, unique in profile to each physician’s practice, which may influence long term quality.
  • A review of the physician’s approach to practice improvement, introducing strategies for linking professional development to potential gaps in practice.