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Notice of Hearing on Motion – Dr. Manivasan Moodley

The College will bring a motion to be heard by the Hearing Panel on Friday, February 14, at 2 pm at the offices of the College (400 – 175 Western Parkway, Bedford) to seek a partial exclusion order in accordance with clause 109(2)(a) of the Medical Practitioners’ Regulations. The relevant portions of the regulations read as follows: 

Attendance at hearing and publication bans

109    (1)    Except as provided in subsections (2) or (3), a hearing is open to the public.

          (2)    At the request of a party, a hearing committee may order that the public, in whole or in part, be excluded from a hearing or any part of it if a hearing committee is satisfied that any of the following apply:

                   (a)      personal, medical, financial or other matters that may be disclosed at the hearing are of such a nature that avoiding public disclosure of those matters in the interest of the public or any person affected outweighs adhering to the principle that hearings should be open to the public;

                   (b)     the safety of any person may be jeopardized by permitting public attendance.

          (3)    A hearing committee may make an order that the public be excluded from a part of a hearing that deals with a request for an order to exclude the public in whole or in part under subsection (2).