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College Office Closure

The College is following public health recommendations and as such our office location is closed. All essential services are being provided remotely by College staff. Read more.

CMA launches Physician Wellness Hub

In an effort to drive change in the culture of medicine and promote health and wellness in the medical profession, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) has launched the CMA Physician Wellness Hub (the Hub), an online platform that provides key resources, virtual community as well as confidential support and counselling to physicians, learners and their families.

The Hub aims to improve physician wellness at the individual but also the system level, and promote a collaborative approach to physician health and well-being by:

  • Offering day-to-day strategies physicians can use to build resilience or how to start institutional wellness programs;
  • Creating a safe virtual community for physicians and learners to connect with others interested in wellness; and
  • Providing immediate and confidential support and counselling through the Wellness Support Line.

“Yesterday’s medical culture needs to evolve. Today, physicians and medical learners face unique pressures and we need to ensure that they care for themselves as they care for others,” says Dr. Ann Collins, CMA President. According to the 2017 CMA National Physician Health survey, nearly one-third of doctors, residents and medical students report burnout and depression at some point in their career.

The Hub offers a collection of over 275 physician health and wellness resources, spanning 22 topics. Resources include original CMA content and curated information from other trusted sources on issues such a burnout, depression, resilience, conflict management, organizational wellness and more. 

Visit the CMA website form more information.

Notice Regarding Attendance and Reporting at the Resumption of the Hearing Regarding Dr. Manivasan Moodley – August 26 & 27, 2020

The hearing respecting Dr. Moodley commenced on February 24, 2020, and continued until February 28, 2020.  The hearing was scheduled to resume at various times since then, but the resumption was postponed due to limitations arising from COVID-19. The hearing is now scheduled to resume on August 26, 2020, at 9:30 am at the offices of McInnes Cooper, Purdy’s Wharf Tower II, and to continue if needed on August 27. 

In accordance with current Public Health recommendations, the in-person attendance will be limited to those parties and their counsel directly involved in the hearing proceedings, and individuals identified by those parties where physical distancing requirements can be met. The media is invited to attend online as set out in the instructions below.  

The following directions govern this proceeding:

1.  In accordance with a publication ban granted on October 24, 2019, the names and all information that may identify the complainants in this matter are banned from any form of publication or disclosure.

2.  In accordance with a motion heard by the Hearing Panel on February 14, 2020, individuals apart from those identified above are not permitted to attend the hearing but will have full access to any decisions of the Hearing Panel, subject to the publication ban.

3.  For those permitted to attend the hearing either in-person or online the following will apply:

  1. Subject to the publication ban, no video images or photography may be taken while evidence is being presented.
  2. Audio recording by the media is permitted for note-taking purposes, but not for broadcast purposes.
  3. In order to uphold the publication ban, no live transmission of the evidence is permitted, through live tweeting, blogging, or any other simultaneous source of reporting. Media are otherwise permitted to report information about the hearing, but only after the parties have had an opportunity to consider whether any evidence presented may be subject to the publication ban. During the mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks, and prior to the lunch break and end of the day, the Hearing Panel will canvass the parties to determine if there is evidence that may be subject to the publication ban and will provide direction to the media in this regard prior to the media reporting on the preceding evidence.

4.  Those attending the hearing virtually or in-person will be required to sign in and acknowledge agreement with these directions.

5. For members of the media who wish to attend the hearing virtually, they must contact Pattie LaCroix, Director, Communications & Policy, College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia at no later than 4:00 pm on Monday, August 24 to register to attend.  They must provide their full name, media outlet, email address, and signed acknowledgment of the publication ban and conditions of attendance (media sign-in form). 

On Tuesday, August 25, 2020, those persons who are confirmed as members of the media will be issued an email to enable them to access the hearing commencing at 9:30 am on Wednesday, August 26 at 9:30 am through the GoTo Webinar platform being used for the hearing. The email will enable access only for the individual who has been registered in accordance with these instructions and is not to be shared with others.

6. Any further Inquiries about the hearing should be directed to:
Pattie LaCroix, Director, Communications & Policy
College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia

External Moonlighting Online Information Session – Recording

At its May 29th meeting, the Council of the College approved revisions to the policy regarding Postgraduate Practising Licences for External Moonlighting. The revised policy reflects consultations undertaken with stakeholders including the Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine. As such, the policy now aligns with training received by postgraduate trainees focused on Competency By Design as provided for in the CanMEDS competencies framework. This paves the way for PGTs from any province to apply for an External Moonlighting licence to practise in Nova Scotia.

We held an information session so you can learn more about the administrative changes required by the revised policy.

This online session provided:

This session is for:

  • Postgraduate trainees
  • Program directors
  • Site leads
  • Supervisors
  • Recruiters


Watch the recording of the live event:

Online Licensing and Supervision Info Session – Recording

The College held its first Live Online Licensing and Supervision Info Session on June 4, 2020.

Supervision of defined licencees is mandated by the Medical Act.

This online session:

  • Provided an overview of the terms and conditions of defined licensure and supervision and sponsor requirements
  • Reviewed the duties of the supervisor and sponsor
  • Outlined the responsibilities of those under supervision
  • Answered your questions directly from College staff

This session is for:

  • Newly graduated, Canadian-trained post-graduate trainees with a defined license are mandated to participate in this information session.
  • Current supervisors and sponsors
  • Physicians interested in becoming a supervisor or sponsor
  • Anyone involved with newly graduated PGTs who wants to learn more


Read the Questions and Answers from Licensing and Supervision Live Event (3-page PDF)

Watch the recording of the live event:

UPDATED: Notice of Adjournment –
Dr. Manivasan Moodley Hearing

In accordance with current Public Health recommendations, the Hearing Panel has adjourned the continuation of the hearing regarding Dr. Manivasan Moodley from the rescheduled date of June 29 and 30, 2020 to August 26 and 27, 2020. Should there be further changes in these dates, there will be a similar notice on the College’s website.

College Endorses Choosing Wisely

At its May 29th meeting, the College’s governing Council endorsed the recommendations of Choosing Wisely Canada as best practices for physicians in Nova Scotia and as a tool in the assessment of competent practice by the College.

The Council also passed the following Professional Standards and Guidelines:

New College President

The College is pleased to announce that Dr. Martin Gardner has been appointed College President for the 2020-2022 term.

Physicians Elected to Council

As a result of the March elections, Dr. Peter MacDougall and Dr. Michael Clory were elected to the College’s Council in District 5 (Halifax County).

Dr. Andria MacAulay was re-elected by acclamation to District 2 (the counties of Pictou, Cumberland, and Colchester).

The College extends thanks to all physicians who ran in the Council election and to all those who served on Council and committees in the past year.

The College also welcomes Ms. Sherry McNeil-Mulak as a new public member of its Council.

New Professional Guideline Regarding Resumption of Services in Medical Practices during COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many physicians discontinued or reduced many in-person non-essential and elective medical services and made practice accommodations to ensure patients received safe and timely care.

The flexibility and commitment of physicians during the COVID-19 pandemic has been critical in managing this public health emergency. The College thanks all physicians for their efforts in providing care using digital technology and limiting face-to-face contact to only urgent issues requiring physical examination of the patient.

Read more

College Announces Decision Regarding Dr. Graeme Bethune

The College of Physicians & Surgeons of Nova Scotia hereby gives notice that as a result of a complaint and pursuant to the Nova Scotia Medical Act, Dr. Graeme Bethune has agreed to have his license to practice medicine revoked.

A Hearing Committee has accepted a consent revocation agreement proposed by Dr. Graeme Bethune with the consent of the Registrar. Dr. Bethune committed professional misconduct by engaging in an inappropriate personal relationship with a vulnerable patient. The Hearing Committee was satisfied that the proposed agreement was appropriate in the circumstances. The Committee determined that its reasons for decision are subject to a publication ban to protect the patient.