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Newly Graduated Canadian-trained PGTs Licences and Fees

The College is evoking measures available under the Medical Act, to ensure graduating PGTs receive licensure. The College has made every effort to align with legislated requirements while minimizing the impact on PGTs in this extraordinary time. This includes waiving fees for supervision, instituting basic minimal supervision, and waiving fees associated with the review of qualifications. Licensing Newly Graduated, Canadian-trained, Post-Graduate […]

Heartfelt Condolences

It is with shock and disbelief that all of us at the College received the news of the tragic, senseless, and devastating loss of life in our province. We acknowledge with thanks those medical professionals who were called upon to care for those involved and will be called upon in the days and months ahead to help Nova Scotians navigate the way forward. We offer our sincere and heartfelt condolences.

Scope of Practice During COVID-19

In this state of emergency, physicians may be asked by their Health Authority to contribute to the pandemic response in ways outside their normal scope of practice. To support the pandemic response and the physician deployment plans of the Health Authorities, the College will not hold deployed physicians to practice within a scope strictly consistent with recent training and experience.  This approach applies to: Physicians privileged and working within the NSHA and IWK (inpatient or outpatient settings); and Physicians within COVID-19 […]

Restricted licences for recently retired physicians – limited to pandemic response as directed by NSHA and IWK

Recently retired Nova Scotia physicians can apply for a restricted licence to help in the pandemic response at no cost.  This restricted licence is time-limited and specific to addressing the response to COVID-19 as directed by NSHA and IWK. Basic Criteria To be eligible you must: Have had a full licence at the time of retirement in Nova Scotia (not provisional or restricted)Have practised in Nova Scotia within the last 3 yearsPlan to work within your […]

Telemedicine Resources

NSHA – Virtual Appointment Practice Guidelines & Implementation Guide In response to the global pandemic declaration by the World Health Organization, implementation of these guidelines when providing care via telephone in your clinics is necessary: Use professional judgement to determine whether patient consult via telephone is appropriate in a particular case.Ensure the physical setting in which the care is provided provides for confidentiality.Ensure patient safety by being aware of patient’s location and proximity of servicesRequest patient’s next of kin or alternate support […]

Election to Council for District 5 – Deadline to Vote Extended until April 9

Due to the evolving circumstances around COVID-19, and to ensure adequate participation in the election, the deadline for receipt of ballots for the election to Council for District 5 has been extended to Thursday, April 9, 2020, at 8:30 a.m. Physicians in this district will be contacted by email.